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Posted by roulettesystem on August 16, 2011

Roulette System Report

One of the most frustrating things about looking up reviews online is there is an abundance of bogus and just plain mis-leading information going around. In fact any search for a popular subject will leave you with endless pages full of spam and marketing lies. So after being disappointed with the amount of dubious and false Roulette System information and reviews that were online, I thought it was about time to write a personal account from a real truth seeker who has tried a lot of Roulette System methods and strategies through the years. You can be sure that I’ve thoroughly researched all Roulette System reviews and purchased most of the roulette systems online.

Many of those Roulette System sellers out there promise great riches if only you would use their roulette system. I’ve found that the total opposite is true. In fact unless you figure out for yourself the best roulette system, in other words use software to test your systems and/or methods, then you will not find that elusive profitable roulette system which we all know is out there – somewhere. Not to put you off in any way, but the only way to do this is to use software like the Roulette System Detective Analyzer. One simple advantage is that you are not risking any money while testing your Roulette System.

Does A Profitable Roulette System Exist

If a profitable Roulette System exists, then you’re not going to know about it! There are certainly professional and profitable roulette system players out there, but they’ll certainly keep to themselves and not attract any undue attention.  And when we talk about a roulette system I’m also including a wheel biased roulette system.

With so many different money grabbing scams and shoddy products being offered, it can be hard to trust what you’re buying. Reviews are hardly any help since most are written by paid marketing companies. But if you’re determined to make money with a roulette system, then what you need to do is to find out what works and what doesn’t work – without using any money!  And there is only one software out there which can do that…the Roulette System Detective.

Before You Start Using A Roulette System

Before you step into a Casino, there are three critical rules before placing a bet:

  1. MANAGEMENT:   Manage your money.  Money management is the single most important factor.  Never place a bet without a plan of action.
  2. KNOWLEDGE:   Play games you understand.  Specialize on one game. Improving your knowledge of that game will always give you the edge.
  3. NEEDED MONEY:   Never place a bet with needed (or borrowed) money because this money is jinxed.  The rent money, placed as a series of bets, will always lose.  Also never place a bet  to impress your girlfriend.  Such a bet ‘needs’ to win.  In order to gamble effectively the player must be at ease.  The loss of the money being bet must not be of major concern.

A Roulette System To Leave Alone

The Martingale Roulette System: Look, I don’t need to tell you the Internet is littered with “get rich quick on roulette system” offers. Most, if not all of them, tell you to play by betting on either the red or black color, sticking with it, and simply doubling your stake after a losing bet. .Their reasoning is that the other color is bound to come up within a few spins of the wheel …Well yes, and no!  This so-called Roulette System strategy has a fatal flaw … Chasing losses increases risk and threatens your long-term profit.  If you use the double up approach unchecked then you have a chance of wiping out your entire bank quickly. Think about it this way – if you start with a bet of just £1 and keep doubling it up and losing, your stake will have gone beyond the one million pound mark within just 21 bets! Yet this is what all those free Internet sites and their “roulette system” give aways are telling you to do! Incidentally they give a roulette system away so that you can go off and lose your money at the casinos they so graciously provide links to on their web site.

A Second ‘Avoid’ A Roulette System -  Bet That the Next Roulette Number Will Be a Consecutive Hit.

This happens around 26 times in 1000 spins. Playing this way, you’ll still lose 5.26% of your total bets. Sometimes, mathematically, it will happen 35 times or more that you’ll encounter consecutive hits in 1000 roulette spins! Those situations are: You play on consecutive hits and win 30 times or more, within 1000 roulette spins. Therefore you’re a winner! But that’s not going to happen all the time. Secondly, the profit is just not that big. Also you could sometimes wait, mathematically, for a consecutive hit for over 150 spins. That is the mathematics of what you’re trying to do with this kind of roulette system. As a Roulette System it’s not worth the risk! The only time this type of bet should be used is when you need to play in order to keep your seat at the roulette table!

The only way the above bad mathematical outcome can be improved is by skipping some spins.

Roulette System Detective & Bonuses

The advice and self exploration that is encouraged in the Roulette System Detective manual (yes the software comes with an in depth 114 page research manual) will open your eyes to a completely new way of looking at roulette. Included is also thousands of spins both from online and land based casinos. You simply input these into the software and then test your roulette system. There is no monthly fee, there are no products that you must purchase along with the software – nothing! The Roulette System Detective has everything you need to create a profitable roulette system.

So if you’re curious to learn more about the Roulette System Detective, then go to the following link…

Roulette System-download

 Go Here To Download The Roulette System Detective From The Official Site.

It’s clear that the Roulette System Detective software works. My advice is to give the Roulette System Detective a try and see for yourself:)




Posted by roulettesystem on August 1, 2011

A Roulette System Review Report

When looking for an effective Roulette System I first needed some kind of roulette software that would enable me to not only test a roulette system but also see whether a profitable roulette system could be created, and more importantly would actually make me a profit. I wanted roulette system software that would crunch the numbers and show me the only two answers I’m interested in – namely would his roulette system give me a loss or a profit? Which is it to be? And the ONLY one (and I’ve tried a few) that was able to do this for me was the Roulette System Detective Analyzer. This remarkable Roulette System software did everything and a lot more!

A Biased-Wheel Roulette System?

As well as developing a Roulette System using the table layout, you could instead create a biased-wheel roulette system.

Can a Biased-Wheel Roulette System work?  Well there is no such thing as a physically perfect roulette wheel. Every casino discards quantities of dice and cards. But roulette wheels are expensive items and no casino can afford to discard such an expensive piece of equipment until it has provided years of service. As such during this period, on a minority of wheels, the unavoidable wear and tear of play will cause significant defects which are easily exploited by a player who takes the time to look for them and develop an appropriate roulette system.

The casinos inevitable weakness in their equipment is their Achilles heel. And as such a wheel biased Roulette System can be created. A good roulette system analysis software will show if a wheel has a bias or not. Once discovered then it’s a simple matter of using the correct Roulette System to exploit the casino’s weakness.

A Lucky Roulette System?

Sometimes it’s not a Roulette System that wins. There is also the question as to whether luck can beat roulette? And the answer is definitely yes! Charles Wells was the successful gambler immortalized in the famous song, The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo. So how did he do it?  Well it wasn’t by using any kind of Roulette System that you or I would use. There’s a very simple answer . . .He had the luckiest casino streak ever!

Using stolen money, Wells played roulette for 11 hours, “breaking the bank” 12 times, and winning a million francs. Then he came back for another session and won another million! No-one could ever figure out if Wells used some sort of roulette system to tilt the odds in his favor. To this day it’s usually accepted that Wells never used any roulette system and simply got very lucky, using nothing more than a crude doubling up approach.

But the difference between Charlie Wells and you is that he wasn’t risking his own cash. He used money that had been conned out of other people. I don’t know about you, but I certainly couldn’t afford to risk doubling up large sums of money on one spin of a roulette wheel!

Roulette System Facts From A Casino Manager…

(1) Whenever you enter a casino do not stay a minute pass 3 hours in a real life or 30 min in an online casino. Regardless of you winning, loosing or whether or not you’ve even started playing.Why? Because of randomness, all short-term systems and methods will eventually work as well as fail. For example, I’ve never heard or seen any one number hit 10 spins in a row.  Possible?  Yes.  But if possible, why has this never happened?

(2)  In Roulette, no one number will ever hit 38 times in a row.

(3) The sequence:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26…etc will never ever happen!!

(4) It’s a fact that I’ve seen one million spins one by one, and never seen any area go cold more than 23 times in a row.

Having the knowledge of what has never taken place can be very beneficial in the long-term. There are many more facts, these are just four. The odds are in your favor when you know/recognize what those rare occasions are.

Just about anything will work in the short-term.  Long-term is the challenge.  Any short-term roulette system can and will eventually win as well as loose.

A Simple Roulette System

  • You are using the Columns which offer a payout of 2/1.
  • You move from one column to the next in rotation.

The Columns Roulette System if the bets are continually winning.

  1. Bet 1 Unit on Column 1
  2. If it wins, then bet 1 Unit on Column 2
  3. If that wins, then bet 1Unit on Column 3
  4. If that wins, then bet 1 Unit on Column 1 and repeat the cycle.

The Columns Roulette System if the bets are continually losing.

  1. Bet 1 Unit on Column 1
  2. If it loses, then bet 2 Units on Column 2
  3. If that loses, then bet 3 Unit on Column 3
  4. If that loses, then bet 4 Units on Column 1 and repeat the cycle, adding 1 Unit to the bets until you have a winner.

The Columns Roulette System Cycle ends when you make 25 units profit.

Based on mathematics you will hit a column within a maximum of 10 bets.

It’s rare for the Columns Roulette System cycle to go over 6 bets. At 6 bets you would then start losing. So even if the bet won on the 6th bet you would lose 3 Units. The losses would then add up as the bets continually lose.

A maximum profit target of 25 Units is used because that’s the loss balance for 10 bets.

A variation is that you could on the 6th bet onwards, add the loss amount to the 1 Unit bet increase. Example: bet on the 6th bet if you didn’t want to lose 3 Units, you would add 3 to the Unit Bet of 6 for a total bet of 9 Units.

The question is…How are you going to test the Columns Roulette System?

Choosing A Roulette System?

When choosing a Roulette System, you need to be able to test it without using your own money. My personal choice for testing is the Roulette System Detective Analyzer. It’s not a roulette system (although the manual which comes with it contains systems which you can test using the software) it’s an all in one software that uses many different types of calculations which you can blend together or use separately. There is no monthly fee, there are no products that MUST be purchased alongside the software. The Roulette System Detective software has all functions you need to develop your own profitable roulette system without spending a fortune.

Roulette System Detective Software & Bonuses?

Please note that while I was at the Roulette System Detective site to do some research for my blog post, I did see that they’re having a special (with free bonuses) for anyone that wants to give it a try. I don’t know how long this will last, so if you’re curious to learn more about the Roulette System Detective software or want to try it for yourself, simply go to the following link, Roulette System Detective Official Site. By the way they have great customer service, anytime I had a question about the Roulette System Detective, they always replied promptly with helpful answers.

Roulette System
Go Here To Download The Roulette System Detective From The Official Site.

Make sure that when you visit the Roulette System Detective site for more valuable information that you use the “official site” links I’ve provided. Through my research I’ve noticed many false Roulette System sites which are simply not up to the job.


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